Unsettled is a collaborative series co-authored by photographic artist Cameron Cope and Gunai artist Steaphan Paton.

The first incarnation, Wallung Githa Unsettled,  explodes the euphemism of ‘settlement’ and communicates the violent truth of Australia’s colonial past.

Central to the work is the ‘White Woman of Gippsland,’ a figure reported in the 1840s to be captive to ‘ruthless savages’ in the bush east of Melbourne. Some historians regard her as a cover story conjured by pastoralists to justify fighting the Gunaikurnai in a war over land and pasture.

The photographic series is an acknowledgement of events on battle sites, massacre sites, original homesteads, watering holes and ceremonial grounds in Gunaikurnai country.

Wallung Githa Unsettled was first exhibited alongside a solo installation piece by Paton at Anna Pappas Gallery.

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